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Very bad maps

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Very bad maps Empty Very bad maps

Post  Rogudeth on Sun May 05, 2013 5:40 pm

Hi guys,

I think you guys really need to rethink your maprotation for the rifles server.
There are many pretty bad maps.

1. the CSS Iceworld-remake (don't know the exact name):
-bad spawnpoints
-too small for that many players
-spawns are blocked by camping players all the time

You basically get spawnkilled all the time (or you're spawnkilling, which isn't much fun either)

2. the bathroom map:
-too big in my opinion, but that's not the real issue
-the team that spawns at the "top" (where the bunker-thingy is) has a _huge_ advantage and pretty much spawnkills the enemy team all the time
-nearly everyone is camping (due to the things described in my previous points)
-there are bugs like invisible walls and you even get stuck after spwan sometimes when you spawn inside this invisible wall

3. rock_island (by far the worst map):

This map always forces me to leave. I can't stand such an bad and boring map.
Maps where you can't rush to the enemies side in general SUCK!
This map forces you to camp.
It's not like many other maps where camping just gives you an advantage, no, you simply can't rush to the enemies side.

I really don't want to sound disrespectful, but whoever added this map to the maprotation deserves a slap.

I can't see why anyone would like to play a map where the only thing you can do is to camp for 20minutes, searching for ant-sized enemies 2km away.

I'd love to see more good maps like gob_rats, coalmine and maps alike.


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