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Maps I like :)

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Maps I like :) Empty Maps I like :)

Post  Guest on Mon Dec 20, 2010 1:42 pm

Toujane [CSD]
Port [CSD]
Industry [CSD]
Tripoli [CSD]
Tuscany [TDM]
Rats V2 [TDM]
Carentan [CSD]
Italy [TDM]


* JoJo map (google it) [CSD]
* Malta (google it) [CSD]
* Island Assault (google it) [TDM]
* Abbeville (google it) [CSD]

*Maps can be found and downloaded here :
*They look so nice,especially Island Assault,which in my opinion will be so GREAT!

> Mittenwald map [CSD]
> Mohsh Berlin [CSD]
> [LEH] Bridge [TDM]

>Maps can be downloaded here;3165?start=25&sort=name&name_direction=asc&limit=25&descriptions_in=0&summary_in=0&show_screenshot_in=0#files at pages 1 and 2.
>I think [LEH]Bridge will be a great map for TDM!



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