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Verindra Championship 2012 - SIGN UP HERE

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Verindra Championship 2012 - SIGN UP HERE Empty Verindra Championship 2012 - SIGN UP HERE

Post  Freedom-Ryan on Sat Aug 18, 2012 3:59 pm

Dear Verindra Players, Fan!

We are in the process of organizing the Worldwide Verindra Championship 2012. Please go to our facebook pag: Verindra groupfun to learn more about it.

If you want to play in your team send me an email to containing the following information:

- your fullname
- your player nickname
- your age
- your nationality
- your team (the team you want to play in)

...or send a message with your personal details to the Verindra groupfun facebook profile:

There are 4 groups and each group has 4 teams - countries:

Group A:

A1 - Romania - Ukraine - Lithuania - Latvia
A2 - Serbia - Croatia - Bosnia - Montenegro - Slovenia - Macedonia
A3 - Hungary
A4 - Poland - Slovakia - Czech

Group B:

B1 - Bulgaria - Greece
B2 - Turkey - Israel
B3 - Austria - Germany
B4 - France - England - Belgium - Luxembourg

Group C:

C1 - Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark
C2 - Spain - Portugal - Italy - Malta
C3 - Africa
C4 - Usa - Canada

Group D:

D1 - Central America
D2 - South America
D3 - Russia - Asia
D4 - Middle East - Asia

Please sign up for your team in time by sending me a message to this e-mail address: or send a message containing your (player details: fullname, gamer nickname, age, nationality, team) to our Verindra facebook page: Verindra groupfun.

The tournament starts off in early September. The first couple of matches will take place on the 2nd weekend of September. Each match is played on 4 different nice tdm maps with max score and max time set to 500 and 20 minutes, respectively.


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