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Download MOD & MAPS: [CRACKED]Vehicles-Verindra

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Download MOD & MAPS: [CRACKED]Vehicles-Verindra Empty Download MOD & MAPS: [CRACKED]Vehicles-Verindra

Post  Freedom-Ryan on Wed Jul 25, 2012 1:46 pm

Dear Verindra COD2 players, fans! We are proud to present to you our latest [CRACKED] public COD2 game server: [CRACKED]Vehicles-Verindra

Download its appropriate MOD file from here (This zipped archive file contains all of the required game MODS for all [CRACKED] Verindra COD2 game servers except [CRACKED]ModernWarfare-eXtremE~v2.7-HARDCORE~Verindra:

Just unpack the contents of the zip file into your Call of Duty 2 folder (not main!). That's it. Now you are all set and ready to connect to the server. Play fair, have fun! See you on the server...


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