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Hackers, hackers everywhere...

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Hackers, hackers everywhere...  Empty Hackers, hackers everywhere...

Post  ValQri on Sun Oct 13, 2013 5:16 pm

I’m sure that everyone who plays on these servers has no doubt experienced some devious individual who took it upon themselves to use hacks or glitches to make everyone else’s gameplay, terrible..pale 

Over the past few days I’ve been seeing more and more hackers surfacing on the different servers. Although most of them can be beaten, aimbotters just irritate everybody, and today alone there were three that I noticed. One was Pato2558.Evil or Very Mad 

Now I know that there are a number of admins who are supposed to watch over the gameplay every now and then, but more are needed, I constantly have to battle it out with these people and nobody seems to be around. (shout out to Marmota for doing a great job though.)cheers 

All in all, I simply ask that you appoint more trusted administrators into your servers, thus making gameplay more enjoyable for all.


all incidents on COD2 servers ; #3, #1, #4 and CSD

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