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Omaha Beach, Normandy Map

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Omaha Beach, Normandy Map Empty Omaha Beach, Normandy Map

Post  Gun on Fri Jul 20, 2012 5:24 pm

Hey, i started playing this server 2 weaks ago.. and for me its the best COD2 server and i had a map before, very nice map and i decided to send it to the server so we play it... i dont know anything about COD2 mapping so you put spawn points, weapons...etc.
So here is the map:

Omaha Beach (D-day) Map Download link:;66488

NOTE: i cant post the link because new members are not allowed to post external links or emails for 7 days so i removed http in the start so i can post the link
You can enter now, just copy the link and past it... no need for http


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