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Helicopter in cod4 Empty Helicopter in cod4

Post  dimitriweb on Tue Mar 04, 2014 10:59 am

Hi all! I was playing yesterday evening with a lot of players and it was of course because there was so much people that it was impossible for me to have my helicopter! I imagine than there was at that moment 3 or 4 players who were waiting to have their helicopters! That s a scandal! Is it so difficult to put several helicopters together shooting everything around.

That's not all. Some players never have helicopter. It would be nice to give them at least one time per 15 minutes maps the pleasure to see their names displayed when the helicopter kills a poor devil downward. So is there a way to change things? I mean to give helicopter when you have a kill streak of 3 instead of 8 for instance? Or at least to allow several helicopters at the same time.



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