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Law and Order on Server  Empty Law and Order on Server

Post  R U S S I A N on Thu Feb 14, 2013 8:49 am

Hi. I'm the one who was banned or kicked not at once at your servers. I have decided to post my present messege in this topic but not at the "complaints" and thats why (see next).
Though the years from 2007 up to present time I play COD2 constantly and my skill grew little by little. All this time I never used any cheat even once and even for experiment. I'm good psychologist as in real life as in the game and use high quality headset during playing. I'm a clan member at PUK2KILL server which existed from 2007.

Actually I dont care is any of admins/moders believe that I am a high skilled player or not. At PUK2KILL we do not make a mistake in regard to ban/kick process of cheaters because we looking for suspected players a long time and make a decision together about BAN of a player. There was one case when player demonstrated a huge skill though the whole year. But in the end it happened he was a WH. We watched for him a long time and even created a video to make a proof. At PUK2KILL there are only ONE admin and just a few clan members. May be its the reason why we do not kick/ban fair players.

YOUR problem is that you give an authority to kick to anybody almost. Once somebody from CRACKED VERINDRA offered me to be an admin. I rejected that offer bacause I even did not know that guy. But he said that he knows me as old and skillful player.

1) I think you should finish to give an authority for guys who dont well-known for you personally.
2) In order to avoid cases of ban/kick of fair players you should decrease the number of admins/moders. That way you will keep control in your hands.
3) All NEW who have got an authority must UNDERSTAND that its not a toy but its a responsibility. As result they MUST be veeeeery skillful to see the difference between CHEATER or PLAYER !

Thanks for attention


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Law and Order on Server  Empty YOU'RE RIGHT

Post  MOURAD on Sun Jan 12, 2014 2:20 pm

It seems to me that no one is checking these posts any more, but I have to give it to you Mr R U S S I A N , you are one of the finest players I've ever met,,and I know for sure that you're not a cheater, I can't comprehend how the admins are still confused in this matter ,,, it's really annoying !!


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