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Banned reason I think or...for being good?

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Banned reason I think or...for being good?

Post  WosQ on Sun Nov 16, 2014 6:28 pm

I've been playing in the CoD2 Verinda Mixed Gametypes server for a very long time (for a year I think) and today (a few minutes ago) I was banned and I don't know why. Many people (in the past) thought I was using wallhack (one guy thought I was using no-recoil too) when I was not. Really, I don't use chaets because it isn't funny. My nick is WosQ.
Please...could you unbanned me? I like playing on your Mixed Gametypes server and I want to keep playing there so...can I please be let back in?
(aach, and sorry for my English - it isn't good)


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